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2003-04-28 - 9:52 a.m.

Suntanning on the beach.

Running into a friend who is happy to see you.

A good book finding its way into your hands.

A new and delicious ice cream flavor.

Crisp autumn breezes.

Springtime in Minnesota after a long winter.

The memory of hot soup on a German mountainside.

Parents' "I love you"s.


Waking up to find that breakfast has been made for you, including granny smith apple slices cut into perfect wedges poked into some hot carmel.

Eating dinner with family.

Getting a letter from someone you like in the mail.

Card games.

Pets, who don't give a damn what you've done that day or any other day, they still love you, no matter what.

Watching your lover laying there sleeping.

Going out for coffee.

Hot baths.


The satisfaction of fixing something.


The happiness that comes when you meet someone new.

Walking through the woods with no one else around.

Making shapes out of clouds.

Cooking a meal with friends.

Driving somewhere you've never been.

Tears and laughter.

Friends who laugh and cry with you.

Gigantic drinks served in buckets with fireworks.

Looking up at the stars.

Being thrilled by someone.

Getting a new stamp in a passport.

Lighting your hand on fire.

Just kidding about that last one.

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