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2003-05-04 - 1:08 p.m.


I have been exposed to just how deceitful MEN can be recently. All that talk about how this person betrayed me and all that wasn't true! It turned out the GUY who told me all about it had BROKEN INTO MY EMAIL, LIED ABOUT IT, and even DELETED EMAIL. EVEN AFTER I ASKED HIM IF HE HAD READ MY EMAIL. What a big liar!

I wouldn't mind so much... I mean I'd be upset that this supposed trusted friend that I've known for years had been so malicious and such a prick. But the thing is, he really fucked up something I had going for me that was good. Dammit!

All things considered, I'd rather be betrayed by a lover and friend I've only had for a month than a good friend I've had for years and years. Who knows how much else he's lied to me about?

The question now is revenge. I haven't talked to Dave since I found out he lied to me about all this. So I'm still debating what to do. Dave has to come back here for his court date later on this month. I thought about baking him some cookies with ex-lax chocolate chips, but someone at work pointed out how I could bake him those and give them to him right before he has to go to court. The only problem with this is that I'd have to pretend to be nice to him to give him the cookies. I talked to someone else at work breifly about it, and his contention was that I shouldn't do anything because the kind of life he lives, he brings this negative upon himself without me doing anything about it. The whole "he's probably an unhappy person anyway" idea. I don't know if I believe in this or not. I'd like to think that having met me, anyone who's kicked out of my life would be the worst punishment ever, but I'm not that concieted. And Dave will be out of my life, no question about this. But is it enough? I don't want him to think he can just walk over people like the way he did to me. And can't I help karma along, by way of exlax cookies?

Things to think about while I'm at work today, instead of expounding upon this at

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