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2003-05-08 - 10:17 a.m.

I was out late as hell last night and this morning I get woken up early to a chainsaw. I have never heard a chainsaw here before and I thought dammit! Why of all days does some guy have to be using a chainsaw right outside my window when all I want is sleep. Eventually I gave up on sleep and got up, to a sad sight. Some guy has been chainsawing all the trees that seperate my apartment complex from the one next door! (I had been thinking some guy was brandishing a chainsaw outside my window just for no real reason, maybe out of spite. I'm sleepy.) This sucks because it means I can't walk around naked anymore, not unless I want all these people in these buildings next to mine to see me. And I do not want this. I'm going to have to close the blinds. So much for sunshine and stuff. Maybe this will help me get out more, because to see the sun I'll have to leave, or put on clothes to stay in the apartment.

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