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2003-05-25 - 10:26 a.m.

I've had this idea for awhile to create a diary here for my dreams. I've been dreaming a lot about high school lately, even though I haven't been in high school for six years now. I realized this morning it could be because high school was the last schooling experience I've had outside the military, and I could be secretly anxious about the idea of going to college.

All these recent dreams about high school prompted me to put the diary I'd been thinking about into action. I had wanted to call it the-dreaming, but someone already beat me to it. Someone also beat me to dreaming, dreamtime, dream, the-dream, or basically anything to do with the word dream. It annoyed me so I chose something that no one else could possibly have thought to call themselves: evening-gown. Fucking evening-gown! A silly name, but as I stated in my profile, sillyness is a trait I'm learning to appreciate as a virtue these days. And perhaps I can think of dreaming as slipping into the most comfortable evening gown known to us. I can just imagine someone else's frustration of trying to pick evening-gown and seeing that someone beat them to it! Much like my own previous frustration when I first tried to name this site as pulchritude and seeing that someone else already put that down! Kind of funny. Bishops-Ring is better anyways.

Something I noticed while signing up for that diary that I didn't notice the first time is that the gender block starts with female. They always start with male, male on top: male, female. Not here.

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