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2003-07-01 - 6:15 p.m.

The last two nights I've been over at Sean's apartment hangin out with a couple of people. His cat cracks me up. Most cats sleep a lot, or hide when people come over. Not this one! He says he feeds it crack. It's always jumpin around on people and clawing them. I am in love with his cat.

Next week I'm going back down to Savannah with Sean and Josh. I don't think anyone else will go. I hope they don't punk out on me because I think it'll be a good time. Patrick says he'll come, but like anything else Patrick says he'll do, I don't believe him. Maybe Mitch and Ashley will come. I like Mitch and if Ashley has to come along in order to have Mitch's company, that's fine with me. He's prolly workin though.

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