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2003-07-09 - 1:14 p.m.

Yesterday we had a pig-in for SSgt Kelch. He's been working in the building since 1998. The guy I'm currently dating was still in high school in 1998.

High school... when was that?

Realizing that Kelch has been working in the building since the dawn of time, I wrote out an email to the people we work with, inviting them all to bring in food. Sean and I went in on 100 wings, and I also bought some Mt Dew. Dina gave me $5, and brought in some deviled eggs and some carrots. Jen brought some excellent cookies. Josh went and bought Arby's sandwiches. Jeannie and Patrick bought an ice cream cake.

The ice cream cake in particular is what I wanted to write about. It had Good Luck, SSgt Kelch! written on it.


For one, they spelled SSgt with an h. SSght. Who the hell thinks there's an h in the word sergeant? It doesn't even sound like there's an h in there. Secondly, the L in luck looked like an f. So Kelch walks over and nonchalantly says, "good fuck ssgt Kelch." Of course, there were many jokes, including how great he must be in the sack to get a Good Fuck! cake. Later, Dina came in and said, "How's the cock?" Cock, or K"K, is "cake" in arabic. We all looked at each other for a second. Then more juvenile jokes about the cock and the word fuck on it. Put down Kelch's cock and get the phone! Your husband's on the line! A saved quote. The fuck cock will be one of my favorite memories of the building.

It's impossible to work in the building and not start to have at least some apprecation for cock humor.

Another piece of news from today in particular, is that the stoploss has been lifted. What does this mean for me and going to Brightstar? It remains to be seen.

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