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2003-08-02 - 12:07 a.m.

I remembered to print out that Mark Twain quote but I forgot it in the car. I don't want to put on a skirt and go down there because I already did that once today to get my book. I hate inefficiancy.

This weekend is Georgia tax relief weekend. We get to enjoy the privilages here that Minnesotans do on a regular basis, i.e. no tax on clothing. I understand the concept of taxes, that Minnesotans as a result have a higher state tax. The instant gratification side of me says that I'm really making out by having my new pajamas come out to 29.95 exactly, even thought I'm paying $50 more a month out of my pay check. I don't notice that $50 so much as I do when I have to shell out $32 for some pajamas that should have been only $30.

Jon also bought me a sweater today. What a guy! Yesterday we went to go play mini putt, and he was cracking me up with his golf commentary. Tomorrow we are going out to eat with his Dad and sister. They live in Conyers, about an hour and a half away from Augusta. There's nothing terribly exciting about Conyers aside from the fact that going there means getting out of Augusta. Break days always seem longer if I leave the city.

Yesterday, my break day, the big task was rearranging all my cd's. I had intended on cleaning the apartment, but, as usual, I got distracted by some minor yet time consuming task, and as a result very little cleaning was accomplished. I did however establish that my Cake: Fashion Nugget CD is offically missing.

Earlier this week, I watched Willow. And it made me cry. Not just at the end, but I felt my eyes get moist on at least three occasions. Willow?! I rarely cry at movies, most of the time because I analyze them too much and think to myself, oh that would never happen. Or, she would never say that to him. Or, no man is that thoughtful. What can I say? Somehow, Willow seemed very realistic to me.

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