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2003-08-04 - 10:23 a.m.

Saturday night I went out to Modjeska's with Jon. Jeff King had called me at work earlier that day to see if anyone was going to be down there, and I said I was, and Mike was bartending also. I was pleased that our company seemed like it would be enough for him, although in retrospect I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because I got THREE calls at work that day, and was feeling very popular. It was this popular feeling that led me to feel like an attractive person even BEFORE I had anything to drink, and I put on some makeup while waiting for Jon to get to my apartment.

We got down there, and as soon as we get in, Jon decides to go buy cigarettes, and leaves. I talked with Mike for a bit, and Jeff, who was seriously hitting on this girl who's the sister of someone we work with. He was doing the creepy man lean-in-with-the-I-didn't-hear-you-excuse-but-I-really-just-want-to-touch-your-back-or-neck and I was feeling a little embarassed for him. 3 drinks later, that suddenly seemed like a great idea, and I started doing it to guys. (For future reference to myself, never drink Long Island Iced Teas ever again, unless I had a big dinner previously in the day, not just chips.) Sean and Ian showed up, surprisingly. Not for the first time, I contemplated how attractive Sean can be when 1) he's not being such a dick, and 2) I'm drunk. Thank God the man has no interest in me, because as much as I'd like to admit otherwise, he'd probably have no trouble taking advantage of me.

It's about this time that I start having memory gaps. I remember a cop herding us out the door because the bar is closed. Jon tells me at this point I started philosophizing: Why can't everything be as easy as a cryptoquip? Jon said, huh? and apparently I looked at him like he was stupid and yelled in his ear, WHY CAN'T EVERYTHING BE AS EASY AS A CRYPTOQUIP!? He said, "I got that but what do you mean?" To which I sagely replied, "oh you know... life." For the record, I have no personal recollection of this conversation, but it sounds like something I would contemplate while being herded out of a bar. I also forgot that I was a woman for a breif second, and marked my territory by going to the bathroom in an alley. Suddenly, I'm home, and throwing up in a mixing bowl. Which I still haven't washed out yet. (gross)Poor Jon. We could have gone home to have great drunken sex, but if peeing all over myself didn't kill his mood, I'm sure vomiting all over the bed did. I made up for it the next day by letting him take naked pictures of me. I trust him.

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