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2003-08-06 - 2:02 p.m.

Home. Sweet, sweet Minnesota. Where everyone talks with Ohs and Ehs. Where the weather is lovely, large white clouds, and everything everyone says to me is witty, informative, amusing, and caring. I bought two twelve packs of Mt Dew late afternoon yesterday. This morning, one pack was already completely gone. I love this family.

After being on this computer my father uses, I've become more impressed with my crappy E-Machine back in Georgia. Most of the problems I have with it are apparently a result of the dial-up modem, which everyone already told me is the case, but I never believed them until a few minutes ago when the reality of dial-up struck.

I read my last d-land entry and I have become concerned with the poor choices I made. 1) why confess to embarassing things in a public venue such as this one 2) how could I let anyone take pictures of me. Nothing to do but sigh and see what comes of it.


As I was on the plane coming here, surrounded by no fewer than 1,000 screaming babies, the captain said something about our approach to Minneapolis. It occured to me that this is the last flight I'll ever have in which I am coming to Minneapolis for a visit. Next time I come home, it will be for good. Not to mention I'll be driving, and I won't even be on a plane.

It's possible that someday I'll find myself living away from here. It would have to be an incredible set of circumstances to convince me it is a good idea, though. All my family is here. 99.999% of my friends are here, or visit here on a regular basis. And the area is so lovely.

A quick note about this home. There is no iron or ironing board, but they do have some new tiki lights.

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