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2003-08-22 - 12:30 p.m.

I'm feeling pretty good today.

Problem #1: I owe the army $1150: solved. I talked to the Commander today and he made a call to the appropriate people. Everything should be taken care of.

Problem #2: leave form on desk for two weeks: solved. I took the leave form to the 1st Sgt, who signed it on the spot, without needing a "letter of lateness."

Problem #3: I forgot about and completely missed an appointment with a gruff SFC (sergeant first class for all you non army speak peeps): solved. It was miraculously rescheduled with another, different SFC.

Problem #4: I've been lazy about signing up for ACAP: solved. I signed up yesterday, and it was so easy.

Spent the night over at Josh's the other day and watched Secretary, which was a boring and terrible movie. Josh thinks it should be called Jerk Off Fest: 2003. I'd like to improve on that title by calling it Boring Jerk Off Fest: 2003. Just calling it something like Jerk Off Fest is too good for it, because that makes it seem like it just might be exciting in some way.

I got about 12 hours of sleep last night and it was entirely too much. I'm so sleepy right now. I wasn't able to sleep well on Josh's couch and didn't get much sleep there. I was also incapable of taking a nap later that day, yesterday, which didn't prevent me from laying down for 3 hours and trying to sleep. I therefore concluded that I must need as much sleep as I can get when I went to bed early last night. Stupid.

Aside from feeling sleepy though, I feel pretty good. Even though work is going to be so boring today. There'll be no one there to talk to. I'm bringing a book.

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