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2003-08-27 - 3:21 p.m.

It is very hot today. High humidity. The heat is making me feel sleepy and lazy. I should be packing for my trip to L.A. tomorrow, but I'm just lounging around the apartment instead, feeling sleepy and warm. It is not altogether unplesant.

I gave Josh his birthday present yesterday, the ninjaburger t-shirt, which seems to be a success, as he was wearing it when we went out to lunch today. That was the only success about yesterday. I went over to Josh's apartment not only to give him the present, but to use his telescope to look at Mars at exactly 5:51 a.m. Mars was at its closest point to earth in 60,000 years at exactly that time. I was excited about it. We gave up on putting his telescope together, and also gave up on staying up until 5:51. I set my alarm and got up and went outside at 5:50, but I couldn't find Mars. I'd peeked at it earlier in the evening so I would know what to look for; the excitement of looking at Mars when it was so close to earth wasn't nearly so exciting when I woke up to go look at it in the morning. I couldn't bring myself to wake Josh up, so I just left a note and took off to go sleep in my own apartment. His apartment is difficult to sleep in.

Yesterday was one big day of looking forward to things that didn't pan out. That's alright though. Looking forward to something is most of the fun of an event.

Speaking of events, tomorrow I will be hiking in Joshua Tree Nat. Park, on the other side of America. Brad (the guy I'm visiting) has also found another camping spot that we may go to Friday. I haven't found anyone to go camping with all year so far, so this is quite exciting; hopefully this excitement will culminate in the actual event this time.

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