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2003-08-31 - 5:05 p.m.

Today I had a wonderful surprise.

Brad and I went to an art museum here in L.A. I wasn't expecting anything besides the usual paintings, sculpture, and furniture. There was an islamic art section that I enjoyed, and some of the furniture was interesting.

The most interesting thing occured in the contemporary art section, which is usually my favorite. There, around a corner, was one of my favorite paintings! The one that's a picture of a pipe and it says underneath it, "This is not a pipe" in french. I can't remember the exact French words for it, L'est ces nes pas une pipe or something like that. I don't speak French. What a wonderful surprise, to see this painting that I adore so unexpectedly! Another interesting thing is that there was a pipe behind it, the title of which being une pipe or whatever it is in French. Created in 2001; very interesting.

We are going to attempt to go to the Hollywood Bowl tonight. We can walk there from Brad's apartment. Brad's starting to irritate me, but I don't think it's him so much as spending time with someone nonstop for these many days. I could use some alone time. Maybe I'll wake up early tomorrow and go for a walk or something.

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