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2003-09-01 - 6:02 p.m.

I was so excited about seeing that "this is not a pipe" painting that I almost forgot to mention two other interesting things there. One was a computerized city scape that neither Brad nor I can remember the name of. It was a bunch of primary colors depicting some city roads and a skyscraper, a few other things. It was set up so you could see the elevators going up and down the skyscraper, and the cars stopping at lights and going when the lights changed. The cars were blocks of primary color. I watched it for a good 5 minutes or more. The other thing was that I went into a small room that had a couple of modern art pieces, to include an annoying soundtrack with a bunch of nonsensical words. There was an older Asian woman there, a museum employee, reading a Danielle Steele novel, seemingly blocking out the loud and annoying soundtrack. She barely moved except to turn the pages, and never took any notice of me. She almost seemed part of the exhibit.

The Hollywood Bowl was a lot of fun. We walked there, which took about an hour, and included a stretch of road that had no sidewalk, but did have cars whizzing by us at 60 mph or more. It added an element of danger to an otherwise tame outing.

We arrived at the Hollywood Bowl and stood in line to get tickets. We had barely been waiting for a minute when an old lady approached us with tickets in the $5 section that she wanted to sell us. Apparently the people she'd bought the tickets for couldn't come. This was the second old lady in the same day that tried to sell us tickets to something; the first wanted to sell us overpriced admission tickets to the museum while we were there. We had refused the first old lady, but this second one with these cheap seats was really a stroke of luck. The cheap seats had been sold out. We snatched them up and went on our merry way to our seats up in the highest section of the Bowl.

The performance we saw was a bunch of tunes from various musicals throughout the years, the orchestra keeping up with the movie that was projected on a giant screen suspended from the bowl. What a show! I'm a fan of musicals in any event; this was a real treat. They played some songs from Chicago that I was particularly excited about. Also they played Singin' in the Rain, which made me think of Cody. I also saw at the Hollywood Bowl some glowing ice cubes that people had. I felt this was interesting enough to record.

We took the subway home, choosing not to walk along the highway with no sidewalk, and after stopping quickly at the apartment, drove out to a bar that Brad had never been to, but had previously driven past a few times. There was a live band there that was a seemingly hodge podge mix of musicians; every song or two, someone else would get up from the bar and a band member would sit down, and another song would be played. It was very 70's, and very fun. Everyone was having a good time. The bartender was this happy 39 year old and was so friendly; she was so happy. I told Brad I aspired to be like her when I was 39, and he was taken aback to think I would have a goal to be a bartender at 39. I told him that he missed the point entirely.

The bar was fun; we left shortly after midnight, and I went to sleep.

That was yesterday.

Today we went to a bunch of wineries about an hour and a half East of here. I loved every second of it. We went to three different wineries, spending the most time at the first one, mostly because we not only ate lunch there, but the wine tasting part was a sit down affair. The other two places you just sidled up to the bar. The last place we went to had a chocolate port you could try in an edible chocolate cup. I was very amused by this. The middle place we went to was kind of ghetto, but that didn't stop me from purchasing some wines there. All in all, I bought 5 bottles of wine. 5 bottles?! I hope I find occasion to drink them all.

Now we are about to go to a Thai restaurant, and then to a play entitled "Slaves of Starbucks," which might be interesting; the title is, if nothing else.

Tomorrow I go back to Augusta, which is going to seem even more drab than usual after all these days in L.A. Brad went to an industrial type town in Austraila also called Augusta, and he said everyone there called it Aghetta'. I said Disgusta is what we normally refer to when making fun of Augusta, but Aghetta' is clever.

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