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2003-09-11 - 9:48 p.m.

This morning as I was walking outside to drive over to the gym, I detected a note of crispness in the air. Could it be... fall is coming? I experienced two particular emotions then: excitement, since I enjoy the fall, and surprisingly: nostalgia. I realized that I had experienced my last Georgian summer. Will there be more warm days? No doubt; today ended up being a warm day. Will there be more summers in which I can experience Georgia? Will I be back? Well, there's always the possibility. But working in The Building, being in the Army; that summer is over. So much I haven't done here that I wanted to do! Namely, go camping in certain spots. But those spots will always be around, or probably anyways; they just won't be as close or convienient.

My time in Georgia is drawing to a close. It has not been a particularly good time; there is little here I will actually miss. However, a large part of me grew up here, in these last three years, and along with the excitement of moving on with my life to things that suit my nature better, I'm also finding that I'm feeling a little bit sad. We imprint a part of our being wherever we go, and the longer we stay there, the larger that imprint becomes. And so it is the places we stay put an imprint on us. Is the South my style? Is Augusta? Is the Army? Not really. But the imprint and the experience will forever be imbedded in me; Augusta and all it entails is a part of my soul now.

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