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2003-09-20 - 1:23 p.m.

I've been waiting for about a month now for my Absinthe to come. Patrick asked me about it last night at work, and I said that I keep meaning to write the company and ask them when it's going to arrive, but I never think to do it at an oppertune moment. So this morning, I finally remembered, and fired off an email to the company, politely saying "Where the fuck's my absinthe." In so many words.

As is so often the case, not an hour after I send that email I get a knock on the door. The absinthe has arrived!


The bottle I got for my little bro looks a lot cooler than the one I got for myself, and frankly I'd like to keep it for myself and get him something else instead. Since I missed his b-day last year though, and especially since we've been talking about absinthe ever since I told him about it last month, there's no way I can justify punkin him out of this cool bottle.

I had the diamond ring Jake got me appraised recently, because I'm planning on selling it to an interested friend of mine, who is going to extract the diamond(s) and put it in a new setting. I refuse to disclose the information as to who this interested party is, because it is a surprise to the person who will eventually be receiving the new ring, and I'd hate to ruin the surprise should they ever stumble upon this diary. (yeah, yeah, I know, what are the odds? but life's funny like that) The point of this is that the jeweler told me he estimated the value of the ring at $4500-$5000, and I shit myself right there. I had already felt out of place talking to a man in a fancy suit when I came in to the jewelers wearing my ratty old workout clothes. I felt even more out of place when my jaw dropped at the thought of wearing a $5000 ring, as I simultaneously realized I was surrounded by $10,000 and higher rings and other assorted jewelery. Diamonds and fancy jewels just aren't my style. As I was telling the interested party earlier, Jake got the flat screen tv and I got this stupid ring. Sure it's worth more, but what can you DO with it? I'd rather watch a movie on a nice television than wear some expensive piece of jewelery. I mean really, what can you do with it? What good is it? Aesthetics not withstanding. I understand, diamonds are beautiful, and it is a lovely ring. It's not my style though. I'd rather have a silver ring with maybe some leaf pattern carved into it. It would not only be beautiful, but I could play roller hockey while wearing it. I was playing hockey while I was wearing the aforementioned diamond ring one day, and a diamond got knocked out on the rink. It's a miracle it was found.

And speaking of hockey, the wife of someone that I work with and happened to meet downtown last night just happens to be someone I used to play hockey with. We exchanged phone numbers, and agreed to try to get a game together. It would be great to start playing hockey again, plus the fall is the best time of year for it.

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