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2003-10-08 - 10:00 a.m.

Yesterday we had the best pig in, ever. I made a lemon tart, which I burnt due to unattentiveness in the kitchen but still brought in, Jeannie brought shrimp, Josh brought pop, Jen made a cheese ball and brought in fruit and vegetables, Amy brought in brownies, Sharon brought in sandwiches, brownies, pop, juice, pudding, rolls, and I can't remember what else. A smashing success! We played cards for most of shift and didn't really do much besides play cards and eat all day long.

Something kind of fucked up happened at work, and I'll try to explain in vague terms so that it can be appreciated by everyone who reads this (all three of you) and also as to not divulge any classified information. Mostly for my own edification three years from now, when I've forgotten the particulars of how much of an idiot our NCOIC is. So to my future self, I trust you're enjoying this trip down memory lane, and doesn't my current job (whatever that will be) seem to have much better management?

We have three people on delta shift right now, four people if you count Sharon, our trainee. We work a 5 on/2 off schedule, so spacing out the breaks, we have 2 people on each day, with one day there being all 3 of us. With Sharon added to us, there's 3 of us every day, with one day there being FOUR of us. We only have two computer terminals for our particular job, so clearly four people is entirely too much. Not to mention we don't do much of anything at work these days except play cards, so litle that you don't need even one person there to do the actual mission. One person to do our job is more than enough. However, minimum manning is officially two people. Even when we HAD stuff to do, on delta shift, we've always left only one person working multiple times. So, obviously, we have enough people working our shift in case someone wants to take leave. Which someone does.

Which brings me to the fucked up part. Our boss is telling this person that they're not allowed to take leave because if he leaves then a couple days out of the week, there could only be one person working. Never mind that the boss has been approving leave with no problems for the last year, and never mind that we've had only one person working other shifts, which are in theory the more busy shifts. He's saying that there always has to be two people on position because that's what minimum manning is. Never mind that the last time manning was looked at was years ago, and we have a totally different job now! Never mind that we have a trainee and technically there WOULD be two people there at all times! Never mind that if he looked at it rationally, he would realize that he's the BOSS and he can change minimum manning on our position if he wants to! This means that for anyone to take leave who works our shift, there would have to be FOUR PEOPLE working delta shift, not to mention having a trainee, which would give us FIVE PEOPLE. For TWO COMPUTERS. In a building where so many other shops and shifts are undermanned, why he feels the need to overstock our shift and be such an ass about this is beyond me. It's a waste of resources.

We of course waited until the boss was gone until we brought out all the food. Ass.

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