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2003-10-11 - 9:45 a.m.

Hockey season started Wednesday. The fact that I care at all just goes to show that some positive things can come out of even the worst and most meaningless relationships. The same man I was contemplating making and giving brownies baked with ex-lax earlier in the year is also the same man who formally introduced me to hockey. Coincidentally, the Minnesota Wild had a crazy post season year last year. They came back when they were down 0-3 in a 7 game series, to win 4 GAMES IN A ROW! AND they did this not only ONCE, but TWICE. Think of the fun I might have missed! Sure, the Mighty Ducks swept them in what was to be their last series that year, but it was a hell of a lot of fun watching them. It's also fun watching them because I used to play roller hockey a lot, and the concepts are the same. I can feel my muscles tightening when I see someone skate as hard as they can towards the goal, dodging defenders. I never get that feeling watching someone round third base or going in for a layup.

This year, the Wild lost their opening game to Chicago, those bastards. But last night they beat the NY Rangers DOWN! I'm looking forward to being back in Minnesota so I can actually catch some of these games on tv a little more easily. Even go to some of them! Far better than catching up on the game online the following morning.

The other great thing about the Wild is their team name. How fun is it to say Go Wild! over Go Blackhawks! Go Rangers! A MILLION times more fun. Man! I hope this year's a good year for them.

Go Wild!

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