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2003-10-15 - 9:33 a.m.

I read an article today about how some Americans were killed in the Gaza Strip when their convoy blew up. So far there is a lot of conflicting reports about it, but two facts remain: car explosion, dead Americans.

Not that Americans dying is any more or less tragic than anyone else dying.

My eye caught an article off to the side about how the US was the only one to veto the UN condemnation of Israel in building that gigantic barrier that cuts right through the West Bank.

God dammit! It just pisses me off. Why are we so pro-Israel? I know there are a lot of suicide bombings and the Palestinians aren't helping their cause any by continuing them. But won't a huge barrier only cause more suicide bombings? Why do we continue to back Israel when they're the ones who are causing so much strife in the Middle East? Why is it so fucking difficult to find a peaceful solution? This shit's been going on for more than 50 years!

I read articles like this, and I think, Am I living in a world BY MYSELF?

But I also realize that I'm not a Palestinian. Nor am I an Israeli. I'm sure I'd see things differently if I wasn't outside, as a passive observer. Not to mention, while I know some things about this conflict, I don't know everything, and there could be some huge problems I'm just not aware of. It's something I'd like to study more.

The more I hear about this issue, the more I become irritated with Israel and wonder why the US is on their side so much. The whole issue is nothing but trouble.

Thinking about these things, I decided to pay my power bill online today. To pay your bill online, you have to go through a series of windows before you get to the actual "pay your bill" page, explaining why you made a good choice. Maybe I was more cynical than usual, but it struck me as absurd. Here are the reasons they give you:

It's Organized. Well! Good to hear they have an organized web page! I hate the ones that have links all over the damn place, scattered about in a haphazard fashion.

It suits your style. How the fuck would THEY know?

It's easy. Yeah, I'll give them that one.

It's enlightening. After reading this, I was hoping an image of God would appear once I paid my bill, with angels singing hallelujah, or perhaps I would be taught a Buddhist trick in reaching enlightenment through meditation. SOMETHING. But no; I just gave them $50 for services rendered, and I have yet to feel enlightened about it.

It's flexible. I fail to see how paying any bill in any fashion can be flexible.

It's secure. I suppose it's possible someone could intercept my paper bill and pose themselves as Georgia Power, thus making ebill more secure. This is probably mentioned for all those people who hate paying bills online.

It's free. This is my favorite one. It's free to pay my bill? Gee, thanks!

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