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2003-10-29 - 6:15 p.m.

What a very strange and interesting past couple of days. It's crazy how having someone stay with you can cause one to suddenly start going out every night, especially since Jeff's about to leave. Everyone wants to hang out with him, and since he's staying with me, they have to invite me too.

Just kidding. I actually was the one who invited him to the Saturday night party at Josh's, to celebrate his one year of official divorce. Josh's, not Jeff's.

What a crazy night! I didn't get over there until after work, around 11:30 or so, and Jeff came with me. After a little bit, Eric Swart and his wife, Mitch, and another Eric came over; they had all been at Swart's house drinking previously and were all smashed. Those 4 plus Genevieve, Manbug (whose real name I can never remember, just the name G gave him), Jimmie, and of course Josh, Jeff, and I, made for a fun night. It got particularly interesting after all the women left except for me. I haven't hung out with Mitch in forever, and it was fun to drink with him again. I kissed Eric (not Swart, the other Eric) because the last time I hung out with him, several months ago, I called him an idiot and asked him to defend himself. I was a little mean to him. If I knew how to link the diary page, I would do it here, because I think I wrote about it. In my mind, kissing him months later would make up for it. He didn't seem unhappy about it. I may have also kissed Mitch. I don't remember. I kissed Jimmie because he gave me a ride home. I was drunk, and in love with everyone. Not that it mattered; I ended up passed out on the floor of my own apartment, alone, as usual.

The next day I was supposed to go out and play mini putt with Donald, but had to cancel because of a hangover. I went on a search for onion rings instead and ate at T.J.I. Fridays with Jeff.

The social activities didn't end there. That night, Jeff, Jimmie, and I met Donald at La Cafe Du Teau for live jazz. We ate some pasta and I had some wine. I ordered a Manhattan for Jeff. Jeannie ended up showing up with a friend of hers, and it was fun being around her out and about. She's a beautiful girl, and attracts people to her. I was so exhausted from being at Josh's the night before, and having to work all day, that we cut out fairly early, and went home.

The next night, Monday, we had been thinking about going out for kareoke (we = Jeff and whoever else he told about it) but we decided not to go out. (we = mostly me. I was tired.) So Jeff and I stayed up and watched Mr. Show and smoked the hookah (his first time!), and laughed until about 2 in the morning. Mr. Show has to be the most hilarious show ever made.

Last night, I cut out of work early and went out to Outback with Jeff. We watched a few movies and went to sleep.

Some intense crap happened at work the past few days. All I can say is "intense" and "crap"; the rest is classified.

Something else kind of funny is that having Jeff stay with me is reminding me of that Ben Folds Five song, "Steven's last night in town." Jeff was supposed to leave yesterday morning, then that night, then this morning, then tonight, and now he's saying he's not leaving until Halloween. I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed for another full week. I can't complain too much; he's been an excellent house guest. I'm just not used to having someone else around. All my hobbies involve only one person, like playing the harp or painting or reading or being on the computer. I'm getting confused trying to think of something to do with someone else. Hence all the movies and shows, I suppose.

Today I went to play mini putt and air hockey with Donald for the last time. He's leaving the area Halloween also. It's hard to have any emotions about this, because he's coming back next week for an appointment, which doesn't make any sense to me. He's driving up to Chicago, then back down here less than a week later. It seems to make sense in his mind, at least.

Today's another crazy social day! Spending time with Jeff, Donald, and later on tonight, Fassett. PLUS I think I promised Jimmie I'd go to a haunted house with him. What is this madness?! Jeff teases me, saying that I lied when I said that I'll always be around the apartment because I never go out... I've been out just about every night this week!

I think Josh should have more parties. Just thought I'd throw that out there... in case someone who's in a position to do something about that just happens to be reading this...

And speaking of Josh, the craziest thing happened to him recently that makes me so pissed off at my half of the human race: the female half. Put breifly, some chick made him keep it a secret that they were "together" but Josh told his best friend (who lived down the street anyways and already put two and two together seeing Josh's car outside the house all night) and his best friend told his sister, who asked Josh's chick about it. SO she gets pissed off and calles Josh and leaves a mean message on his phone machine. This is AFTER not contacting him for 3 weeks. AND the reason why this message is so mean is because all she said was "Hey I've been meaning to talk to you but I'm upset about something and want to talk to you in person about it." You get a message like this and you think: STDs, pregnancy, death in the family, any number of horrible things. THEN she doesn't call Josh for DAYS, even though Josh has been trying to get a hold of her. When she FINALLY calls him back, the big important deal was that she found out that Josh told his best friend about "them." I guess that wasn't put breifly at all. The whole thing just pisses me off, because for one thing she should never have tried to keep something like that a secret in the first place. If it happened once, I could more easily see where she was coming from. But it's a clear case of using someone if they want to keep the whole thing a secret, ESPECIALLY since both parties are single. ALSO, you don't leave an ominous message like that and then not call the person back, ESPECIALLY since it was just about "you told him who told her who told me and I told you not to tell anyone about something even though I never gave you a good reason to keep this a secret anyways, probably because I'm a whore who wants to keep the field open and seem as single as I possibly can." I was talking to Josh about this, and I couldn't BELIEVE what he was telling me. First he tells me the facts of what happened, and then he acts like the whole thing really was his fault, he shouldn't have told his best friend, etc. I can KIND OF, MAYBE see that, except for the fact that his best friend already pretty much knew after seeing Josh's car outside all night. And what's Josh supposed to do, lie? That's a no-win situation. More fault goes to the best friend, who told his sister, after Josh said not to tell anyone. But Josh shouldn't have been placed in that situation in the first place! "Don't tell anyone" ???? Without giving any kind of reason for it ???? That's bullshit, and no one should treat someone else that way. Even if she did want to keep it a secret, for whatever stupid reason, and then found out that these two people and these two people only knew about it, you DON'T leave a crazy message making it sound like you might possibly be a new VD carrying father and then not call the person back. I understand that I know Josh and I don't know this chick's side of the story. I tried to consider that. I asked how old she was, thinking this is the kind of thing inexperienced people do, before they figure out how people are supposed to be treated. But she's 27! I've turned this over in my mind a few times, and I think this whole thing is 2% Josh and 94% this chick, with 4% being the best friend. I can't see how she can talk her way out of this, ESPECIALLY since Josh feels like this is his fault, when IT IS NOT.

No one should let anyone else walk all over them like that, and who are those people who walk all over people in the first place! It pisses me off. I hope I never treat anyone like that. Keep it a secret... ooooh. MAN!

So this is my novella about the past few days and Josh being screwed over again. It's bullshit!

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