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2003-11-13 - 4:39 p.m.


Going to Savannah with Jimmie was... a lot more interesting than I could have ever predicted. I was a little late in getting over to his house, partly because of house guest #2 (Donald) who only stayed for a couple of days, partly because I had to get gas, and also because I wanted to get us some breakfast. In any case, we were able to make it to our hotel by noon. I was the one who made the hotel reservations, and I got us a king size bed because it's so much cheaper than getting two beds; also because a king size bed is so big I figured we could be adult about it and just share the bed. In retrospect, taking Jimmie to see an art show entitled "Sex and Sensation" and then getting a room with only one bed, I should have been able to predict the future. In reality, I was caught unawares. (Which is nice.)

Jimmie also surprised me with a bottle of wine which he brought down for us to enjoy.

We went out to eat down on River Street, then met Sharon at the mall, since she also happened to be in Savannah that weekend. I met her son Zachary, and sprayed lavendar scented oil in his eyes and face on accident. He only cried a little bit but I still feel poorly about the incident. I enjoy Sharon's company.

After leaving her and the mall, I changed clothes and Jimmie and I went to the Moroccan restaurant for dinner. We both share a fondness for Moroccan food. I remember a man sitting in front of a lamp that was tall and pointy, and the way the angle was, it looked like he was wearing a tall and pointy hat. I greatly enjoyed this. The food was excellent, and we had our tarot cards read by a lady there who comes to the tables for a reasonable price. It was Jimmie's first tarot card reading. For me, I had my cards read under a new spread I'd never seen before, called the Tree of Life, supposedly depicting where I stand in life at that moment. My crown card was the lovers, then crossed by the wheel of fortune. Two major arcana cards, and right away. I remember thinking how bizarre it was that I would get the lovers card since Jimmie and I were, except for a few kisses, just friends. Ha!

After the Moroccan restaurant... the art show. There were a lot of people there, and I was surprised. Chuck Hamilton, the artist himself, was there, and happily he remembered me. I was disappointed that it wasn't the big night where everyone comes dressed in lingere, but people were still wearing fun things. Chuck was in a tuxedo. He talked with me for a long time, and I ended up buying an incredibly risque painting of his. I'm going to hang it above my bed... perhaps not until I move from my parents house though. It'll be a conversation starter, that's for sure.

The other great thing about the art show was all the people. Everyone was so friendly, and I met a lot of Chuck's other enthusiasts. One of them had an incredible car, and he took Jimmie out to sit in it, which I think Jimmie really enjoyed. So we both had some fun. One of the artists who shows some work there earns most of his pay by commission, and he actually painted Art Garfunkel and his family not all that long ago, up in New York. I was pleased to talk with him, and several of the other artists there as well.

Jimmie and I had plans to go to the piano bar I love so much, but when we got back to the hotel, I saw him just flop onto the bed. I was pretty tired too, so I suggested we just stay in and watch TV. Dennis Leary's cure for cancer was on Comedy Central.

Let your imagination go here.

The next morning, we made excellent time in getting to the airport, where I flew out to... VEGAS.

to be continued...

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