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2003-11-14 - 5:39 p.m.


My flight was a little late in getting to the gate, so as soon as I got into the airport, I called my dad on his cell to let him know I'd arrived. This was about 1:20 pm. Dad had this brilliant idea to take the shuttle to the hotel, and by brilliant I mean it was terrible. An hour later and I'm still on this damn shuttle bus, which was dropping people off at their various hotels, none of which was Treaure Island, the hotel I was staying at with my parents. It must have been one of the last on the list. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, and just got off the shuttle and made a break for it. 3:30 I finally see them! The reunion was joyful. We got something to eat in one of the hotel restaurants, and I was reminded why I enjoy being around my parents so much. They're fun people.

My dad told me a story about how the night before, their first night in Vegas, they went to a comedy troupe show. About a 300 seat place. Dad told me that for their last skit, one of the comedy players pointed out to the audience and said, "You sir!" He was pointing at my dad. "What's your name?" He also asked where my dad was from, and what he did for a living. They then proceeded to break into a song and dance about Jeff: The World's Best CPA from Minneapolis, all of which was apparently improv. I was laughing just having them tell me about it, my mom recreating the experience and singing in the restaurant, "You think H&R Block is good! Jeff kicks their ass!"

My parents took me to Ceaser's Palace, where I have always wanted to go. We went to the shops in the Forum, and they bought me a nice skirt. We saw the Bellagio's water fountain display, something I fell in love with. We climbed into one of the Pedi-cabs, a bicycle with a seat attached more or less, and had him take us down to the MGM. We gambled there for awhile, and lost at blackjack.

Something interesting happened here. A while back, I had a dream about a scratch ticket with the number 5 on it and the word WILD. Lo and Behold, I did not find a scratch ticket with that on it, but a slot machine, 5 times lucky and wild. I played on that machine for a long time and came out ahead $25. I bet if I had stayed on it, I might have won a lot! In any event, I was unable to find another machine of its like the rest of my stay in Vegas. Only 5 times lucky; no wild.

We eventually left my dad at the blackjack tables, and walked down to the concert. I went in and waited in the longest line possible (of course) to buy a concert t-shirt and mug. I love this mug dearly, but I ended up waiting for half an hour to buy it. The people in line around me were fun to talk to, though. I met a professional golfer and his wife. And everyone was excited about the concert! Such a change from the apathy I received in Augusta concerning Simon and Garfunkel. Everyone at the concert loved them and knew exactly why it was such an important concert.

Needless to say, the experience was pure magic. If fate is to be believed, than fate brought these two men to sing together. Their voices are still incredible, after all these years. Them singing "Old Friends" and how strange it is to be 70... and their small and knowing smiles at that turn of phrase. Their two encores and finishing up with Feelin Groovy.

I had tears in my eyes. It was lovely. I am the luckiest, for having had the oppertunity to go.

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