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2003-11-15 - 5:48 p.m.

Today is Saturday. This past week has been filled with things of note in my life; I wish I had taken more time out of my day to write about them as they passed.

My last day of work was Wednesday. I estimate I have spent about 700 days of my life working in that building. That's days spent actually inside that building, with the "weekends" and vacations taken out. A lot has happened to me since I started working there. Most of the people I used to work with are gone. Most of the people I worked with on Wednesday have years to go, still. It made it easier to say goodbye.

Which isn't to say I would have any trouble leaving that place! But there are very few bittersweet feelings about it.

I sent a goodbye email stating that when I first got here, back in 2000, the very first week I worked, another girl in my platoon had her last day there. She got in front of formation and said that the time here goes by very quickly, and before you know it, it's gone and you're done. I wrote that after my second week in that building, I realized how wrong she was. Every minute spent in that building was a lifetime, every day an eternity.

I'm glad to be leaving it behind.

I do have to say that the best times I've had in the building were when I first got there, and right before I left. Work lately hasn't been this heinous, terrible thing it was for those middle years I was there. Playing cards during work hours was fun. (your tax dollars at work) Most of the people I worked with were great people to be around. Hell, I'll even miss some of them.

My own pig-in turned out to be somewhat disappointing, as most people forgot about it, and didn't bring any food in for my last day. It wasn't a total wash out. I made some lasagna that went over qutie well, Sharon made some incredible cupcakes, and Jen brought in a cheese ball just for me to take home. I brought in some wine in a cranberry juice container, and drank a little too much of it while I was there. I wish I had been doing that all along; I bet work would have gone by much faster. Jones ended up letting me go home early, which was nice. I almost cried saying bye to Jen. I told Sean that I wish I could say that it was nice working with him, which was the nicest thing I could think of to say to him. Unfortunately Josh wasn't working, but he did come in for a little bit. Jimmie also came in, and he ended up giving me a ride home. My van's starter finally went out, or threatened to enough to where I felt like at any moment I could be stranded, so it was in the shop that night. I don't think I would have bought Temp-TAY-tion at that art show if I had predicted this nearly $500 car repair bill. One of the drawbacks of owning a conversion van is that almost all repairs are 3 times more expensive than on a regular car.

And speaking of Temp-TAY-tion, I called Chuck Hamilton today about having him do a painting of me. Jimmie is going to pay for it. We are scheduled for next Sunday for a photo shoot. I've never posed for anyone before; this should be interesting. Convienient that I'll be down in Savannah this weekend to enjoy the Ohio-Michigan game at Josh's sister's. I don't give a shit about football, but this particular game should be fun because Josh is so excited about it. Not to mention, I plan on going to Michigan next year. I feel a little naughty for going to a pro-Ohio game. It should be extra fun for that reason.

Also speaking of Josh, I went over to his apartment the other night and got FACED, to use his favorite term for getting drunk. I think the occasion was to celebrate the fact he passed his DLPTs. (defense language proficiency test) I haven't been that drunk in a long, long time. I must trust him that much to have no troubles getting so drunk around him; it was just the two of us in his apartment. I remember beating him at chess and playing the song Cowtown for him, although I can't remember the context of why I felt it was important that he listen to that song.


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