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2003-11-16 - 3:04 p.m.

The van troubles I hinted at previously have come back to bite me in a very hard and unpleasant way.

Last night, I babysat over at Sharon's. If I had known that everyone was going out to Modjeska's that night, I would have thought longer about agreeing to babysit so that Sharon could go out instead of myself; I only have one more weekend here, after all. But she went out with someone she's been wanting to go out with for a long time, and I don't feel like I made the wrong choice in staying in.

What I AM very annoyed about is that when she got home that night, I went to leave, and my van wouldn't start. Wouldn't start?! Didn't I just replace the God damn starter?! So I spent a very restless night there (fortunately I brought my pajamas just in case) and woke up early with Sharon and her son. I waited a while to call a tow truck, thinking it might be the morning chill that was causing it not to start. Before I had the starter replaced, it had trouble starting when it was cold. I watched Zachary while Sharon took a nap. It was around 11 when I realized there was no starting that beast. I called a towing company to get them to tow it to the place I had the starter replaced (it's still under warranty there), and as the van is being hoisted onto the back of a tow truck, it starts leaking antifreeze.


Hopefully it was just a matter of having too much antifreeze. Hopefully it's just the starter. Hopefully trying to find a towing company that was open in Georgia on a Sunday will be the worst of the trials in getting this current problem fixed. (God damn bible belt! What does God care whether or not you tow someone on a Sunday? Wouldn't it be better to help out your fellow man than to sit on your ass and watch tv? Wouldn't it be better to keep your car repair shop open in case your van breaks the sabbath by breaking down on a Sunday? But no! God says Sunday is a day of rest! AHHHHHH)

I told Jake I would make him lasagna today, but I don't see that happening. I don't see anything happening except for crawling up into a ball with my kitties and reading, or sleeping, or any other activity that doesn't force me to face reality.

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