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2003-11-17 - 9:04 p.m.

I read yesterday's entry with the knowledge that everything worked out, and the whole thing seemed very defeatest to me. Read or do any other activity that doesn't force me to face reality? How old am I, 12?

Yesterday I ended up going out to coffee, and yes some reading too, eating dinner with Jake (which he brought over... alas for the lasagna)going out to Stool Pigeons with Jimmie, getting to sleep very late, and waking up very early this morning. Not nearly the night of sleep I had planned. I went on post this morning with Jimmie, and made my CIF appointment to turn all my army crap in. This happens next week and I'm dreading it. I got to Precision Auto Tune right at 8 when they opened. A mere hour and a half later, I left with a new battery. It was just the battery, thank God!

I got a bit of outprocessing done in the morning, and went home for lunch. I ended up falling dead asleep, and that was the end of outprocessing for the day. I was so sleepy...

A miracle also occured yesterday. Let me relate it to my future self, who will be reading this particular paragraph someday.

Part of the outprocessing involves returning your government credit card. I never used my government credit card, and never had a use for it. Our former 1st SGT made everyone in the company sign up for one, back in 2000. I received it in the mail, never activated it, and that was the last I thought of it. Fast foward to the present day, 2003, where I need that scrap of plastic that was never activated to get out of the army. The last time I saw it was 2000! Where to look? I've lived in 3 different places since then. I lose keys, clothes, basically everything I can put in my hands that's capable of being flung carelessly about. Here's where the miracle comes in.


It was like a little spotlight shone on a bag of papers. Old love letters, long forgotten LES's, and my government credit card. Amazing.

I also found a robe I thought I'd lost, as well as a nice blue towel and a dress I didn't realize was missing. It was a pleasant day for finding things, and perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that my van was broken all day Sunday, forcing me to stay in my apartment and look for shit.

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