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2003-11-28 - 1:02 a.m.

I really shot myself in the foot tonight.

I was over at Josh's, but was tired and went home. Just before I went to sleep, I got a call from Jimmie. Earlier today, some people who his roommate said could use the house for Thanksgiving came over. They were all nice people, except one girl who was a total bitch. I told her Happy Thanksgiving and she didn't even acknowledge my presence. Whatever, people like that I can blow off. But apparently she called Jimmie's roommate Amanda and complained that the house was a mess. Which it wasn't. So Amanda called Jimmie and left a message on his cell phone, saying all kinds of shit about it. That's it in a nutshell. Jimmie called me around 10, pissed off about the situation, and asked me to come over. I told him I would, which made me happy anyways since we don't have many more nights together. We drove around looking for some food for him, and nothing was open. We eventually end up back at my apartment to collect some items to make lasagna tomorrow, and to grab Mr. Show to watch together tonight. Then Sean calls, and asks if Jimmie wants to come over for some food. I told Jimmie he can do whatever he wants to, this is a stress-free relationship. He said he'd call me when he was done. I went to sleep. So he calls me about half an hour ago. I had been thinking he was going to come pick me up, but instead he says that he's going to let me sleep and is going to go home and he'll see me in the morning.

I was SO disappointed. I should have said right then that I wanted him to come get me, but he didn't seem like he wanted to, and I had said that this was a stress-free relationship. So I said fine, and got off the phone with him. After a few minutes of being upset, I decided to get online. Then I realized I had a message. I was hoping it was Jimmie calling to say he's coming over, but it was him from earlier in the evening, asking for a phone number. I called him back and gave it to him. He asked me what was wrong because it sounded like I had a stuffy nose. I told him nothing. Alright, I was crying. I can admit that here, but was I really supposed to say that to him? Maybe if I wasn't leaving in a few days, but I decided not to make him feel bad. So I lied and said I was fine.

And for what?

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