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2003-11-28 - 8:35 p.m.

Jimmie ended up coming over last night. Apparently the same things were on his mind, although we both avoided talking about anything of real consequence. We just went back to his place and went to sleep.

On Tuesday night, we had gone backpacking. Two things made this interesting; it was Jimmie's first time backpacking, and by the time we finally started, it was pitch black. I was understandably apprehensive about this; hiking a little traveled trail in the dark? But it was a lot of fun. Trying to find trees marked with swaths of blue is easy in the daylight, but a real challenge when all you have is a flashlight. We got lost a couple of times. With some people this would be a real crisis; not Jimmie. He was having a blast, and his mood was contagious.

Tonight, some of us are going downtown. I bought Josh a present; I hope he likes it. It was a real pain in the ass to get. Tomorrow, I go to Savannah to pose for Chuck. Then the next day, I leave.


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