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2003-12-09 - 8:13 a.m.

I just discovered that if you choose to click on a banner in the middle of writing a new entry, and then try to get back to your entry after looking at it, what you've written will be gone. I liked the diary though, but now the banner is gone and I have no idea whose it was. It came with a little song singing everything everything everything's going to be alright... something like that. A nice change from the "my life sucks" motif most people seem to adopt.

It's a Winter Wonderland here! It has been snowing nearly non-stop since I got up this morning. Everything is covered in a blanket of clean snow: the winter world made fresh. I don't have to drive anywhere any time soon, so for now I can sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and relax by the fire, watching the snow come down. Actually I already did that this morning. Both of my cats came in to the room with me, even Fletcher, the scaredy-cat, who has rarely left my room since we arrived here over a week ago.

I was talking to my Aunt Mary on the phone a few minutes ago. She lives in one of the apartments that an old carriage house was made into, in downtown Minneapolis. The people who own the carriage house and the mansion on the same property have been doing a lot of repairs to the mansion. It was run down and dilapidated when they bought it; they've renovated it and it is supposed to be beautiful again. I've agreed to play the harp for their unveiling on the 20th of this month.

All this renovation leads to some problems in the carriage house on occasion. Sometimes there's no gas, sometimes no heat. Since Friday, there's been no hot water. Aunt Mary said that this weekend, she just decided to stay with her man, Ronnie. Yesterday, Monday, she went back to her apartment, looking to take a bath; still no hot water. And do you know what? The guys who lived there didn't even notice! She said she complained and they said, "Well, uh, we were going to take a shower, but..." and she said, "What am I, a shower cop? I don't care when you take a shower... get the hot water back on!" She laughed about it with me, though. "Are these guys doing dishes, Heather? I don't think so! Are they washing their face? I don't think so!"


Speaking of men, Jimmie had his finals last night; I hope they went alright for him.

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