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2003-12-10 - 8:08 p.m.

I finally got everything sent out for the University of Michigan; all I have to wait for now is a letter of (hopefully) acceptance. I also bought some Christmas cards. So anyone who wants a Christmas card from me, please email me your address where you feel comfortable receiving mail from strangers. [email protected]

My mom came home with an interesting story from work today. Apparently one day there appeared a candy dish in the women's restroom. Mom thought it was a decoration until she noticed the candy get lower and lower and then the candy was back up to the top. Being a nurse, she was very disturbed by the idea of food in the restroom. "Think of the fecal matter, Heather!" she said. Even though the candy is wrapped, it still bothers her. She also works with other nurses, and was at a loss as to who would keep a candy dish in the bathroom of all places. She voiced her concern to a coworker, who took the candy dish out and brought it around to the other people who worked there to see whose it was. They found the woman, and she was adamant about keeping it in the bathroom. Mom reenacted the conversation for us. " 'What about the kitchen?' I asked her. And she said, 'No! I want them in the bathroom!' And the weirdest thing was I asked this guy if he ever got candy in the bathroom, and he told me he never gets anything! Not, 'Why would you ask me such a strange question? Candy in the bathroom?' He didn't even think food in the bathroom would be strange! I mean, do we have to eat and drink in EVERY ROOM?"

We decorated the Christmas tree tonight. We also talked about Vatican II, and my dad asked when Vatican I was. None of us knew. Was it the Council of Trent? I thought it took place in the 1500s, and then I realized I might have been thinking of the Diet of Wurms. My parents had never heard of the Diet of Wurms, which I may be spelling wrong. I shared my limited knowledge with them. The whole discussion made me realize how little I know about so many things I'd like to be more knowledgeable about, and it makes me excited about college.

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