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2003-12-13 - 9:06 a.m.

Something about living so far up north that I forgot about is that if you leave pop cans outside, they explode. A can of pop exploded in my van and I'm unhappy about it. The really unfortunate thing is that when the pop explodes, it's in a liquid state. Then it freezes. I'm going to have to either scrape off a bunch of frozen pop pellets from my dashboard, or wait till Spring until the pop melts, and wipe it up from there. I'm unhappy with both scenarios.

One nice thing about pop up here is that I can call it POP and CAN OF POP without being ridiculed. None of this soda crap up here!

A question for you to ponder: how hard is it to light a coal on fire? The answer is: a lot harder than you are probably thinking! Last night, my brother (who got in from San Jose) and his friend Brant and I decided to light up the hookah. Everything went fine, until the point where we have to light the coals. Normally I just put a coal on a stove burner, but my parents have one of those new fancy stoves, the kind where it's just a black surface and there's white circles showing you where to place the pots. I didn't want to put a coal on that kind of surface since I wasn't sure what would happen to the stove. So we employed various methods, such as holding the coal over a lighter, holding the coal over a candle, and dipping the coal in wax and lighting it on fire. The wax led to a lot of smoke and us throwing the coal out in the snow, which really pissed me off since we had invested so much time in that coal. Eventually I put some coals in a pan, and put the pan on the stove. This eventually did the trick.

They're coals, for God's sake! Aren't they SUPPOSED to be lit on fire? Isn't that what they were MADE for? Mine are special hookah coals made out of WOOD! For crying out loud!

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