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2003-12-14 - 8:38 p.m.


I found this out sitting in a restaurant in Madison with my brother Jeff and his girlfriend Hannah, watching the headlines scroll across the bottom of the muted television. We talked about the potential good for this capture, to include distilling the fears of many Iraqis that Saddam would come back at the head of an insurgency and eventually prevail over U.S. forces, leading to the swift backlash against all Iraqis who helped the coalition. Hopefully the violence against our forces will tone down a little now. We also joked about how not even a month after I left the military, they capture Saddam. "Thank God YOU'RE not working for the government anymore. I bet it's YOUR fault that we didn't capture him sooner," my brother said. "That's probably what our president is saying now. 'The capture was due to getting rid of SPC Sweetser, who was clearly the weakest link in the chain.'"

Funny guy.

Spending time in Madison this weekend was a spur of the moment decision. It was fun to spend some time with my brother on the 5 hour drive there and back, and I enjoyed seeing how college students live, as I'm about to be one. Hannah has a pretty cool apartment with two other chicks, right above a Taco Bell on State Street, in the heart of things in Madison. Jeff and Hannah aren't sure how things are going to pan out for their relationship; I think the long distance thing is getting to them. But for now, they're having fun.

It's a damn shame that Josh and Jimmie aren't online right now. I was hoping to talk to them about the capture.

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