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2003-12-15 - 8:36 p.m.

A good friend of mine called me today and told me that she found out that Saddam had been captured only through my diaryland entry last night. This is not unusual enough in itself, because I know how easy it is to miss news broadcasts. The strange thing was that she told me that she had talked to several people that same day Saddam was captured, and not one of them mentioned it!

Can this news be so passe to so many people? To me, it was a big deal. Me and maybe President Bush. And Saddam of course. Can you believe that humiliating picture of him with his mouth wide open?

I went out to watch my cousin Shane play hockey today with my Aunt Mary, and of course Aunt Theresa, Shane's mom, and the rest of Shane's family. His team got hammered, but he had fun. At 10, you can still have a good time being beaten 8 to 0.

Aunt Mary and I also went out to eat before the game at one of my favorite restaurants here, called Three Fish. It's a very eclectic restaurant that serves, you guessed it, mostly fish. The food is fantastic though, and the creme brulee is the best I've ever had. There's crayons at every table, and what does my Aunt Mary draw? First a big face that says "FEED ME" and then two giant tits, followed by two stick figures having sex, and finished up by a giant penis. "What can I say, I'm hungry," was her response.

She's so fun.

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