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2003-12-28 - 10:46 p.m.

I got online to write an email to Jimmie and hopefully catch him online, only to discover that he just updated his own diary not 2 hours ago! Just missed him! I hope he has a good time in Hawaii.

Last night I hosted a party. It was great seeing people I don't normally see except for our yearly parties we have around Christmas time. We smoked the hookah downstairs and my parents laughed at us smoking it. Something about my drunken lessons to Emily about proper smoking was apparently very amusing. I met peoples' significant others that I have not met previously. I was particularly fond of Ben's girlfriend, whose name I cannot remember. We drank out of champagne glasses that have no bottoms, just long red stems. You put it down by either asking someone to hold it, or in the small ice bucket that the glasses came in. James asked if I wanted his phone number, and I said, "Why would I?" I've made an effort earlier this past year to keep in touch with him and he's consistantly blown me off. I like seeing him and I'll chat with him, but guys like him are a waste of time to try and be anything more than casual acquaintences with. Sparkey thought it was funny that I would reject someone so blatantly with so many people around. I mentioned the above reason as well as the fact I already have someone a million times more worthwhile in my life, which is a reason that Sparkey can comprehend but never appreciate. I'm learning so much about him these past few days. He was telling me about a club he went to in Paris with Zack (not his boyfriend!) that had the coolest dress code. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "no clothes!" Apparently he is somewhat planning our trip this summer around the bath houses they have around the country. Very amusing.

Tonight I watched the British TV advertising awards at the Walker. They were pretty good this year. I particularly liked the ones about condoms. They were good last year too.

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