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2003-12-29 - 10:36 p.m.

Tonight, Liz hosted a dinner party. Dinner parties in and of themselves are special things, a chance to enjoy home cooked food with people and catch up on each others' lives. However, this dinner party was something AMAZINGLY special; it was hosted by Liz. If you hear the words "Liz" and "dinner party" together, do everything you can to get invited. They are truly spectacular.

Tonight's food involved: mulled cider, homemade lemonade, 6 different kinds of cheese, grapes, a variety of crackers, cocktail weenies, and stuffed olives, this being just a sampling of the appetizers.

We had shrimp skewers, salad, bread, 2 kinds of marinated chicken, 4 kinds of sauces, vegetables (marinated in a sauce that Liz made just for tonight, and they were the best vegetables I've ever had) and rainbow jello. Rainbow jello! 6 different kinds of jello, layered perfectly in perfect color harmony, creating a small taste explosion on everyone's plate. There was also a variety of wines brought by guests, to include yours truly. I brought a Bogle merlot that seemed to be enjoyed. The other wines I brought were not as delicious.

I had been under the impression that the magical rainbow jello was the dessert, but this was not the case. It was followed by glasses of champagne and 3 different kinds of chocolate fondue, accompanied by bananas, apples, pears, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, pound cake, angel food cake, pretzels, and marshmallows.

It was a magical world of food and conversation. I enjoyed listening to everyone in particular this evening. I sat back and enjoyed the conversations around me, and ate entirely too many bananas in chocolate carmel fondue. And it was lovely.

I also got Minnesota license plates today. I was sort of bummed about it; I'm no longer the cool out-of-state Georgia van driving around in the Minnesota snow. I liked the idea of everyone staying away from me because I clearly don't know how to drive in snow. Now I won't have that luxury I presumed was there.

I discovered there's a license plate that bears an American flag and states, "Proud to be a veteran!" which I applied for. Even with the cost of these special plates, which will come in a couple weeks, and the new ordinary MN plates I have on my car right now, it came out to less than $90. I was plesantly surprised.

Maybe I'll dream about Jimmie tonight instead of the nightmare I had last night about being attacked by some guy jumping out of his window. I screamed myself awake, and felt unsafe.

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