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2004-01-01 - 10:14 p.m.

Today, we played games. Lots of them. Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Lord of the Rings Risk, and some dumb game over at Jacob's house. The rest, we played here. We had a lovely meal of filet mignon.

We were supposed to have gone over to Nightcrawler's house, but mysteriously between 5:30, when he called Katie to give her directions, and 7:00, when he called back, he became too sick to have people over. We suspect his girlfriend didn't want to have people over, so he feigned a sudden illness. But who are we to say?

Katie, Tony, Donald, and I went over to Jacob's house, where we played the aforementioned dumb game. We walked out onto Lake Minnetonka, a giant sheet of misty ice surrounded by houses that can only be seen by their twinkling lights. It was cold and dark. We saw cracks in the ice that had frozen back together. We saw mysterious black spots. We heard the ice crack. It was all very mysterious, and lovely.

I realized a few things tonight, or was able to recognize things that I already knew. One was that Katie and I have really grown apart. We barely know anything about each other these days. I heard about her wedding only through 2nd and 3rd hand sources, and still don't much of anything besides the date. It's too bad she doesn't volunteer more information about it, and I always feel like I'm prying when I ask questions. I should have been a better correspondant.

Something else I noticed tonight was that Donald has a lack of personality. He's a nice guy. He likes to be right. There's not much else. At least, not much else that's readily obvious. Maybe we don't have much in common anymore. Tonight, once we were done with playing yet another game of Scrabble, we just sat and exchanged the smallest of small talk, and then went to bed for lack of anything else to do. He, downstairs with a book; I to the computer upstairs. Maybe I expect more out of people after the great time I had with Jimmie.

People keep telling me to "watch out" for friends. "Who's this Donald guy. You suuuure he's just a friend?" or "Josh? Be careful! You never can tell what will happen with 'friends.'" I assure people that I realize that 'friends' has a possibilty of turning into 'more' but that nothing of the sort will happen. Not because of any other reason other than I'm not interested! And nothing is going to happen that will change that! People can act so incredulous when I announce that I'm going to visit a friend, or that they're going to visit me. Just because they all happen to have penises doesn't mean that I'm going to jump in the sack with every last one of them. I appreciate the warnings to 'watch out' and 'be careful' but I think I can contain my apparently RAGING sex drive, and just maybe I'll be able to be around a penis or two without something crazy besides FRIENDSHIP happening.

I'm too happy with what I already have to fuck it up by doing something stupid like that anyways.

Here's a gossipy secret: Donald likes Dana's little sister! wooooo! ooooohhhh!

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