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2004-01-12 - 6:45 p.m.

Today I was unexpectedly offered a one-day job. I had been offered another job while I was out of town, which was unfortunately filled when I called this morning to check up on it. Two hours later, I was called back and asked if I wanted to do some typing just for today for a downtown law firm for $12.80 an hour. I was on my way to a non government job for the first time in years.

I got there a little behind schedule (lost) but the one man law firm didn't mind. It was just him, his wife, and another man whose job never became clear to me. I was given a long paper to retype with all the corrections this man had scratched onto the paper. Arabic is easier to read than that shit I had to type out, but it was worthwhile. The whole letter was about a typist who had come to work for them and had been fired. He subsequently sent off letters to the law firm's clients stating that the law firm was committing fraud and over billing them for services. It is apparently going to the court system, because there was lots of talk about "exhibit a" and such in the letter. Apparently they're trying to discredit this former employee of theirs by bringing up his poor performance of hiding bills and not sending them off, destroying files, sabotaging their computer system, and other juicy bits of gossip. It was a very interesting account. I wish I didn't have this headache, or I'd try to recount this story a little better. It was not lost on me that they were having me type up this story about a typist from a temp agency who wreaked havoc in their law firm. I laughed.

I got home with a headache and not feeling well, and realizing the cause was probably that I had only a banana to eat so far. Dad called as soon as I got in, and picked up Arby's for us on the way home from his AA meeting. God damn! it was good roast beef and onion petals.

The meal was extra delicious because I finally got my SAT scores in the mail. I took the SAT's back in November, after having been out of school since 1997. I was particularly nervous about having to go through the math section, which I've never been good at, especially after years and years of not touching math at all. Last time I took the SATs, when I was a junior back in 1995, I ended up getting a 1280. My goal was to match that score. So many years out of school, who could wish for better?

I waited until Dad got home with the Arby's, by request. He walked in, and I opened them up. Annndddd... I did better than last time! 700 in verbal and 620 in math. 1320! I rule!

I enjoyed having the SAT letter opening ritual as a 24 year old. I can't remember it from my high school years.

I will write about my road trip at a later date. Tonight, I relax and read, and go to bed early.

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