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2004-01-21 - 12:24 p.m.

I'm at work right now. Work! I always envied the people who could get online while they were at their job, and now I'm one of them!

Sort of. On a temp basis, anyway.

I ended up driving to the job fair since there was some miscommunication at Jacob's job downtown, as well as when the job fair started. I met Jacob downtown, and we walked there together. I got some interesting information about the FBI and their contract linguist position. I also learned that the FBI administers the same language proficiency test that the military does, the DLPT. The agent who was at the job fair said that she had to explain to people taking the DLPT that the part about if you cheat you would be "sentenced to hard labor in a military prison." I can just picture civilians taking the test for the first time and hearing that. It made me laugh. The agent at the job fair said that if I applied she would contact me immediately. I applied that evening and still haven't heard anything. We'll see.

Today was the first day I actually took the bus downtown, after several failed attempts. Tonight I'll catch it and take it back home. I'm working with a man named Azz, which I think is short for Aziz, in this secured printing room here at a life insurance company. I originally thought he was the hardest working guy I've yet worked with. He's taking a nap right now, though. Taking advantage of the locked door I suppose. So I'm in a locked room with a snoring Moroccan. I got to practice a little Arabic with him earlier today, mainly establishing how difficult different Arabic dialects can be to understand. I told him about the FBI job for Arabic linguists, and he showed me a CIA job application for Arabic linguists that he had downloaded off the internet.

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