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2004-02-02 - 10:58 p.m.

Saturday night I went out to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory with Tim, Jacob, and Seth, and had a delicious meal. We were there because Tim has a thing for one of the waiters. I liked going because I was reminded of all those years ago when I went on a date there. It was my first date. The food is still as delicious as I remember it, and I was able to order alcoholic drinks this time.

We had a fun night back at the Townhouse playing darts. Seth bought me a few drinks (he can really be a gentleman sometimes) and I got drunk and danced with some middle aged woman out on the dance floor. I made a comment about being hung like a lightswitch earlier on in the night, and they all thought it was hilarious, with lots of comments about lightswitches the rest of the evening.

Today, Minneapolis was under attack by a snow storm. It took my bus 2 hours to get home. The snow in the middle of Nicollet Mall was up to my thighs. Poor Jacob's bus never came; he had to get a taxi along with some other stranded folks. There is something very beautiful about it all. It's hard to appreciate it though when you see trucks fishtailing and busses that are stuck in the snow. Even though it took us an extra hour and a half to get home, I was fortunate in that my own bus didn't get stuck anywhere.

Our cat Jazz, the one who we thought died the other day, has bladder problems and gets obstructions. He had surgery at one point to remove some crystals, and it's very expensive. My mom noticed Jazz looked sick and like he was trying to pee but couldn't, so she took him in to see if there's anything they can do before they have to take him in for another surgery, just in case that's what the problem is. They diagnosed Jazz as being under a lot of stress due to the extra cats in the home, which is causing the obstructions. They cathed him and kept him at the vets overnight, and prescribed valium. VALIUM. For our CAT. Who's apparently too stressed out to pee. Something seems a little suspicious about this, but at least he'll be relaxed. I guess.

Kitty valium. Good lord.

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