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2004-02-20 - 12:17 p.m.

Wednesday I took Arne and Jacob out to eat at Figlio's with a gift certificate I had. I'd told Jimmie that I wouldn't use it until he came up and visited me again, but I no longer feel that we're in the I-have-to-bribe-you-to-come-see-me stage. And Arne and Jacob appreciate great food at cheap prices. I had starved myself all day so that I would appreciate dinner and I ate SO MUCH. I've been feeling significantly fatter ever since. But the food there is so good. Jacob and Arne also adored it and we had a very plesant meal together.

If anyone ever goes to Figlio's in Minneapolis, let me recommend the Banana cake dessert and the cheapest syrah they have on the menu. Not necessarily together.

Yesterday I got off work and waited for Jacob to call while I packed my bags for Georgia. My plan was to see Christine in the hospital, along with Jacob and Arne. Jacob ended up calling a little later than anticipated, and I drove there (and got lost) alone. Thanks to Jay Ar's directions, I was able to find it all the way over in St. Paul.

Christine had major surgery done on her hip and foot. This is to prevent future problems, so not a necessary surgery per se. However, when she's middle aged, she would almost definetly have had to go in for a much more severe surgery at that point due to the degenerative issues she has with her bones. So it is a preventative thing. They twisted her femur and moved around some bones in her foot. Recovery time is expected to be around a year; progression is wheelchair, crutches, cane, cane for stylish purposes only. She didn't seem too ecstatic to see me but of course she was heavily drugged. Her friend Brin was there, whom I had met a year or two ago, and was quiet the entire time. I made no particular effort to talk to her, besides looking at her when I was talking, and I'm trying not to jump to conclusions such as "sullen" and other negative words, but prefer to think of it as her being shy. Especially when Christine is right there with tubes hanging out of her; an ackward situation for most to have a plesant conversation.

I left when it looked like Christine was getting sleepy and warned her about the flowers my family sent her. I say warned because I thought she might be disappointed when she found out it was from the Sweetsers and not from some boy. Now she can appreciate the flowers fully.

I drove to Applebee's and met Tim, Jacob and Arne there for some drinks. It was nice to see Tim again, and we had a good time. I left the same time Tim did, and he said, "That wasn't as ackward as I was fearing it might be," or something to that effect. I think it would be hard to feel ackward around Arne, but then I would never be in Tim's situation with him.

I was happy to spend time with Arne, who is only here for this week until next Tuesday. Unfortunately our time in Minneapolis only overlapped for 3 days due to a ski trip they took last weekend, and me flying out to Georgia tonight.

Tonight! MAN I can't wait. It is snowing right now but I have faith that my plane will leave on time. I feel very lucky right now.

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