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2004-02-23 - 3:55 p.m.

Here I am in Georgia. I typed out a sentence and then erased it just now. Some things are going a lot better than anticipated, and I was anticipating an excellent time. So things are more than excellent in some areas. yes.

Jimmie and I played all the mini putt we could play until 2:00 and got 40 tokens a piece and a free slice of pizza and pop which we traded in for free gatorade instead all for $15 which ended up being $10 because I sold some left over tokens to some lady. Jimmie found this ski ball machine on crack that churned out all kinds of mad tickets. He'd put the quarter in and wouldn't roll a ball, and the machine would flash 100,000 points and give Jimmie 900,000 points total. Crazy. Too bad you could only exchange tickets for a bunch of crap. Jimmie got some stuff for his friend's kids and gave the rest of the tickets to two little girls who looked like they just hit the happiness jackpot.

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