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2004-04-28 - 10:01 a.m.

The baptism was a lot of fun. Not many people in the family came; Amy (of course), Mary, Phil, Christine, and us. When I was baptized, it was more of a big deal. I was little more than a month old. Back then there was more pressure to baptize right away, my mom was telling me this past Sunday. These days, not so much. I don't think anyone really believes anymore that a baby goes to hell if it doesn't get baptized before it dies. Or at least this is becoming a less than common belief.

My dad was the Godfather and Annie's friend Mary was the Godmother. The father didn't show up. I doubt he even knew about it. Or cared. It's a sad situation.

We went back to Amy's house, and had some food and cake. I had entirely too much wine and was joking around with Annie and Mary about how we'll look back on this as the baptizm Heather got drunk at. I was only half joking.

I can't remember what I did Sunday evening. I think it was fun. Played Scrabble, maybe.

Monday I went for a run for 35:50, 3 laps around Purgatory. I used to keep meticulous track of how far I ran, what the time was, what the weather was like, and how I felt. I should start doing that again, but now that I'm not training to run faster so much as I am to look and feel good, it's not so important.

Yesterday I met Jacob after work. We walked from downtown into the uptown area, which I thought was going to be a long walk, but ended up being only 30 min away from the sculpture gardens, which was about a 20 min stroll from Target. It was a pleasant walk. I rewarded myself with a new pair of shoes that I've been thinking about for 2 weeks. I debated whether or not to buy them, and since they've been on my mind so much I decided it was worth it. They're my tax return treat this year.

Jacob and I were supposed to meet Dana and Seth at a place in uptown that has 1/2 off bottles of wine on Mondays and Tuesdays. When Jacob and I got down there though, the place where I thought the restaurant was ended up being closed. We decided to go to Bilimbi Bay to wait for Dana and Seth to get off work. The drinks were steaming and bubbling (dry ice) and the key lime pie was exquisite. It upset my stomach it was so good. The crab cakes I later enjoyed weren't as delicious, perhaps because of the key lime going to town on my digestive system. Dana finally got there, and sadly Seth never joined us. He didn't leave a message on Dana's phone until 8, and by 8:30 we'd left. I'm going to give him a call tonight and ask him out later this week to make up for it, maybe out to BW3 or something.

Mundane details in life these days that I'll forget about soon enough: the purpose of today's entry.

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