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2004-05-05 - 11:41 a.m.

This weekend I relaxed. I accomplished: not much. It was nice, but I wish I was more driven to create.

Saturday my parents had a dinner party. I invited Seth over, and we played Scrabble, which I lost terribly. It was nice hanging out with him, but for some reason I wasn't feeling very social and didn't have a whole lot to say. Sunday I think I sat around all day and read and relaxed. I can't remember, which means I probably didn't do anything.

Yesterday after work I went to dinner at Axel's with my mom. I realized that I can't wish for a better person to go out with. Most people shudder when they think about turning into their mothers; I can only wish to be half as much fun to be around as she is. This morning on the way to work I said that today's Wednesday, and then it will be Thursday and Friday, and then Saturday! She said, I'm so proud of you! You learned the days of the week! I should have prefaced that with how much I was looking forward to Jimmie coming on Saturday, which is right around the corner. Instead I just listed the days of the week. We stopped at Camp Coffee this morning.

I learned about an interesting thing the other day while watching the news: Hado. A Japanese man, Dr. Masaru Emoto, has done research on positive and negative energy and its effects on water crystals. Playing positive music forms lovely crystals, and heavy metal music caused it to be darker and less attractive to the eye. (although these things are always a matter of opinion) There are pictures of crystals that compared "thank you" and "soul" to "demon" and the difference is amazing. Pictures of water crystals before and after a prayer even shows a huge difference. I found out about this after a morning news program did a spotlight on this man going to 3rd graders in a local elementary school and helping them with an experiment with two jars of rice. One they said thank you to and filled with loving and kind thoughts, and even put a sticky on it saying "thank you." The other jar they labled "you suck" and they filled that one with negative and hateful thoughts. After a while, the positive jar had some mold on it but not much, whereas the negative jar was covered and filled with mold.

It made me think of Patrick and his views on energy. I thought about how that Dr. was saying the same thing, but in a different way. Then I saw on his website: Hado = Water = Energy. I wrote Patrick an email about these special water crystals, and all the ideas we can have from these thought experiments, but unfortunately the email was returned.

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