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2004-05-06 - 11:37 a.m.

Yesterday was the day of unexpected visitors.

I got changed to go for a run, when the doorbell rang. I was in the bathroom, but I peeked downstairs to see who it was. I thought I caught a glimpse of a white shit and thought it was Mormons. I love those guys, so I was preparing myself to have a religious discussion, when I went downstairs and it turned out to be two E7s in army dress greens. They said they got my name because I was looking at the army on the internet. Apparently they must have been given some misinformation. They didn't realize I'd enlisted out of their recruitment station 6 years ago, and had already done a tour of service in active duty and had gotten out again. I talked with them for awhile about how I was never sent to Iraq and spent the war playing cards for the most part. I was hoping to find some insight as to why they released all the linguists and are activating reserves, but they were as surprised as I am. They said they're having to recruit non-US citizens to try to fill their Arabic linguist quotient. And here I am, sitting around doing nothing! I asked about the army band, and they said they'd look up information for me and left.

I drove to Purgatory and ran the slowest 3 laps ever. It was the hottest and sunniest day in weeks, and I don't think I drank enough water. On lap 3 I smiled at someone and my lips cracked.

But! I finished.

I got home and my Uncle Larry showed up. He had the idea of hiring someone to fix up Aunt Barbara's house (she of the recently deceased husband) and have the family pay the costs. She has the idea to move to Florida and wanted to sell her house, but Larry talked to her about renting it out and having someone he knows be the caretaker for her while she's away. He was so excited about this idea that he waited for one and a half hours until my parents came home to talk to them about it. I enjoyed shooting the breeze with him for awhile, but that ended up being all I did yesterday, besides take a shower and go to sleep.

I called Katie today while I was at work (in fact I still am at work) and finally confessed to her about the invitation incident, namely that my cat peed on her wedding invitation. It's a weight off my shoulders to have that out in the open.

Tomorrow my family is taking my grandma out to dinner at Three Fish, the finest of fish restaurants. Also my dad stole my idea for Mother's Day, or more accurately we happened to have the same idea of getting her a plant stand at a certain iron works store in Calhoun Square. Go figure!

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