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2004-07-07 - 10:55 p.m.

So today I spent watching MSNBC and basically doing a whole lot of nothing. This morning, of course, was spent with Jimmie, sleeping and playing Scrabble. I also brought Josh to work, and it was good to see him again. I got him a kick ass magnet. Today is his last day of work! I hope they had a pig-in for him. I forgot to ask. In my opinion, pig-ins are one of the few good things about that job, although I may have been alone in that opinion since in the last few months I was working there I was the only one to try to organize any.

Back to MSNBC. I had no idea shows like Hardball and Countdown and other political shows were so interesting. I also watched a PBS interview with Bill Clinton which I was excited to catch, as well as a special on celibacy in the Catholic Church and whether or not this doctrine created the pedophiles and is a part of the cause of the sexual scandals the Church is currently facing. I recall my parents mentioning they had seen a weird documentary on celibacy on HBO and now I wish I had seen it with them, because this documentary was the cause of this current discussion.

We now have Edwards on the Democratic ticket with Kerry, and I can't help but wonder if Wesley Clark had stayed in the race a little longer if he had been chosen instead for the VP position. Who knows? I wonder what Clark is up to these days. In any case, I was happy to see that Edwards was chosen, and evidently this sentiment is shared by many of my fellow Americans, as the Kerry/Edwards campaign is currently several points ahead of our incumbents in the polls.

By watching these programs, I was forced to think about our current Vice President Dick Cheney, since nearly every program I watched today was talking about the Vice Presidential position and the upcoming debate. There isn't a man in Washington I wish would resign more than Dick Cheney; as a former lover of mine once said, he's the biggest fat cat in Washington. This phrase has stuck with me, and I find it to be very true. Haliburton not withstanding, we see a man who hid out in a secret, undisclosed location during the September 11th attacks, while our President was shuttled about the country in a much more public fashion. Aside from these negative overtones, I came to realize that I don't know much about him, although I know more about him than I have any other VP in our recent history. There is a lot of press about him.

I have to finish this later. make a note about the current power of the VP and he's the best even though I don't agree with his policies I can still respect him for strengthening the position etc. There was a woman who had two sons. One was marooned on a deserted island, and the other became Vice President of the United States, and neither were heard from again.

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