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2004-07-21 - 9:07 p.m.

Unfortunatly I waited too long to complete my draft of two entries ago and I no longer feel like doing it.

Something very strange is happening with my checking account in that every time I try to check the balance at an ATM, it says that is an invalid transaction. This is exasperated by the fact that I'm a little concerned Carnival charged the wrong card Imy checking debit card) during the cruise, even though I specifically asked them to change it to my REI card. I'm going to call the bank tomorrow on the way to Myrtle Beach and try to figure out what the deal is, and hopefully enlist my parents in unraveling the mystery. By enlisting my parents, I mean borrowing money from them in order to pay off the overdraft fees. What a situation to be in!

I got into my OSU email account today for the first time, and I had an email waiting for me asking if I wanted to be a "secret shopper." I'm hoping that I will be able to make some money being a secret shopper in college, although I'm prepared to accept that the outrageous claim in the email purporting shoppers to make $150-$400 a week to be completely untrue. I once helped Nightcrawler order a pizza as a secret shopper, and enjoyed the experience, although Emily was kind of a bitch about it. The more things change...

Speaking of Emily, I still haven't responded to her email of 3 weeks ago wondering why I deleted her from my Friendster account. This is mostly because I have no desire to open up any bucket of worms with her or even try to explain my disinclination towards Friendster, knowing she will never accept any explination not involving herself. And, honestly, I'm scared of her.

I've been very, very crabby the last couple days, worrying about my finances. A lot. Also worrying about Jimmie picking on me too much and not having a sense of humor. This has happened in almost every single one of my relationships; the guy I'm dating will call me dumbass one too many times for my liking and I'll say something about it, and then I'll be accused of having no sense of humor. I always assumed I've just been dating assholes, but as this is about the 17th time I've been accused of having no sense of humor (not to mention, I don't really think Jimmie's an asshole) I'm realizing this may actually be true. I may not have a sense of humor. Hopefully Jimmie and I will start having more conversations outside the boundaries of teasing each other, or what our various activities will be that day, and my apparent lack of humor will no longer be an issue.

I'm looking for ways to detoxify my body, and if anyone has some answers, please share them with me. Almost everything I've found online either wants me to buy their pills, or cut out all foods from my diet except sea vegetables. What's the fun in living if I have to cut red meat, alcohol, coffee, saturated fat, nicotine, and a variety of other things that make food so great? Maybe I can take a nutrition course in college.

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