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2004-08-08 - 9:53 p.m.

Another day, another 50 cents in the hole. I tried coloring today, and found it boring. I went to the Loring art fair today and met up with Jacob; Mom got a lovely embroidered painting that was really quite unique and lovely. It looks nothing like embroidery. I got a stained glass window pane that has been decorated with a stained glass red rose. I'm partial to yellow roses, but the yellow stained glass rose bore a resembelance to piss. Either that or something else was not quite right about it. Stained glass can add so much to a room. Josh will have to either appreciate this, or hate it so much that I will be obliged to conceal its lovliness in my bedroom window.

Slight headache today, perhaps from feeling bored and wanting something constructive to do, and yet dreading work tomorrow. The plight of the wealthy. If I truly didn't have to work, would I continue coloring, even though I find it so boring?

I'm looking forward to school starting.

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