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2004-08-12 - 10:55 p.m.

Here's the thing about my parents: they're very generous.

We went out to a very nice restaurant close to Loring Park in Minneapolis today, called Cafe Lurcat. Jacob came with us, and he gave us free passes to a play with the Fringe Festival, which is a local explosion of one man and similar small plays/productions. He's volunteering this year. While we were finishing our entrees, a coworker of Jacob's came in, along with a friend of the coworker. My parents invited them to sit down with us, gave them the rest of our entrees, bought them beers, and shared our desserts. And most of this after Jacob left to volunteer, our only connection with these strangers. It was a very lovely dinner.

The play we saw tonight was very fun, just one guy on stage, reading stories he wrote. Very good stage presence. He told a story about someone rowing a boat across a stage, and taxidermy in the boy scouts, among other stories.

I've been bleaching my teeth the last few days in preperation for veneers. I'm curious as to how it will change the general apperance of my face. Curious and apprehensive. My crazy miscolored teeth are part of my character.

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