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2004-08-16 - 10:09 p.m.

I finally finished my stupid FAFSA application. Many months late. Jacob assures me that I may still see some cash from the Federal Student Aid program; we'll see. It feels good to finish it though.

I also complained about a charge to my credit card for $89.99 due to privacy guard. They told me I would be receiving information in the mail, and I would be billed after I received this information, which was a complete lie. I never received any information at all. Fortunately I check up on what's being charged to my card. Apparently this sort of lie happens often, and they assured me a full refund. Also, I went to the store today, and forgot to buy: conditioner, waffles, and shaving cream. I did buy a dozen eggs, to add to the dozens already in the refridgerator.

Tomorrow is Jacob's: take two.

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