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2004-08-31 - 7:38 p.m.

Man! I'm smooth.

Since Jacob's been so sick lately, we decided our original trip out to the southwest might not be in either of our best interests; his because he's so sick and mine because I don't want to contract his particular brand of illness. SO! Since I had that section of August/September blocked off for travel anyways, I decided to drive down and surprise Jimmie. Jacob himself in fact suggested it, although I frankly had already thought of it before he said anything. I stopped for the night in Ohio at Josh's, and the next day we drove to Augusta together. Jimmie had no idea and I surprised the hell out of him. It was great! Super great payback for Christmas, and payback of the best kind. :) The first thing we did was play Monopoly, which I ended up winning the following day.

It was a great feeling to surprise him.

Also this week I got my cell phone and can't stop playing around with it. I'm the coolest kid in the world! Although I can't seem to get it to recharge for some reason... I'll have to consult my manual.

Jacob's coming out on Thursday night and we're going to Savannah over the weekend. I'm looking forward to showing him my favorite city.

A minor problem in all of this perfection is that I forgot that I had draped my tent up in the garage back in May when Jimmie visited and we went camping up in Itasca, and the tent got rained on. Not a big deal, I reasoned I'd clean it off when I got to Augusta and Jimmie was at work. I shoved it in the back of my van and took off. Today, I discovered a colony of ants living in my van. I eventually discovered the source; the tent! I bought some raid and sprayed my van, and I'm going to do a through washing of the tent tomorrow. D'oh!

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