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2004-11-29 - 6:24 p.m.

3 hours at the DMV today. What a pain in the ass, but at least I was expecting something along those lines. One more proof that Minnesota is a great state to live: it would have cost me only $40 to renew my tags there, and I have the option of doing it online or through the mail. Here in Ohio, the total at the end of the day was just over $90. And 3 hours of my time.

The really surprising thing was that people were surprised that they had to wait. Everyone knows that's what the DMV is all about; long lines. If the Simpsons has taught us nothing else about life, it's that people like Patty and Selma work at the DMV and that somedays they don't let the line move at all. I wish I could remember what episode that line was from.

If I ever have kids, the DMV would probably be about the last place I'd take them. Either I'm alone in this opinion, or hordes of mothers had no other choice but to bring their small screaming children with. And can you blame them? All the adults would have been screaming and crying too if it wasn't so socially inappropriate. For my part, I whistled. Someone at the title office told me that there was no whistling allowed. And then broke out into maniacal laughter.

To top it all of, my license plate reads DIP. I'm not kidding you. DIP and then a series of numbers.

Fuckin Ohio.

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