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2005-04-01 - 8:19 p.m.

Sin City. An aptly named title for a movie that made me feel as though I had, in fact, sinned. This by the mere act of watching it.

They did a great job with the visual effects. I enjoyed the black and white tones, the various strange scenes involving blood as pure white and the occasional colored eyes, making the woman or man look extremely alluring. Or dangerous.

Elijah Wood was one of the creepier characters and his eyes were often hidden by glasses, again reflected as pure white. One of the creepiest scenes was Elijah Wood's decapitated head placed on a bible. And the cardinal who said that he ate not just people's flesh, but their souls as well.

And the woman who had half of her arm missing as she talked about the man who ate the flesh off her fingers... as she sat and watched.

And death, death, death. Seldom was there remorse; often the pleasure of killing was described. And shown.

Sin City! No shit.

6 out of 10 stars. It's a well done movie. But it isn't my style. I won't pretend that it is anymore. I don't like killing.

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